NCR helps businesses gain an edge in this rapidly changing marketplace. We're the global leader in assisted- and self-service solutions, serving businesses with our products and services: ATMs, Retail and Restaurant Point of Sale (POS hardware and software), Telecom and Airport Self-Service Kiosks. We'll help you anticipate the market and keep ahead of your competition. At NCR, we understand the social and business forces that are transforming the world of customer interactions and can help you transform your business model.

ATM, Technology, Software, Security


ATMs, ATM security, Banking software, Mobile banking, Branch transformation.

Document Imaging, ATMs

Payments and Imaging

Payment processing, Check Scanning and document imaging for banks and corporations.

Cinema Management Software


Cinema Management Software for POS Terminals, Film Management, Loyalty Programmes, Analytics.

Venue Management Software, Solutions

Event-based Venues, Stadiums

Venue Management Software, POS Terminals, Loyalty Programmes, Digital Signage, Suite Catering.

POS Software

Department, Specialist Store

Retail POS Software, POS Terminals, Self-Checkout, Store Design, POS Printers, Scanners.

Supermarket, Grocer Store POS, Retail POS Software

Grocery, Food, Merchandise

POS Terminals, Retail POS Software, Self-Checkout, Back Office Software, Loyalty Marketing.

Petroleum and Convenience Store Solutions

Petrol, Convenience Store

POS Terminals, POS Software, POS Printers, Fuel Controller, Back Office Software, Self Checkout

Restaurant management and POS Software, Systems


Aloha POS Software, Restaurant Reporting, Analytics, IT Security, Loyalty Marketing

Technology Support


Technology Domain Services, Managed Services, Inventory Management, Deployment Services.



Common Use Self-Service, Airport Kiosk, Hotel Check-In, Car Rental Software, Bus Check-In.

Solution Management, Ecommerce Hosting - Consumables Management

Consumables Management

NCR offers management services that compliment our interactive printer solutions.

Small To Medium Business POS Software

Small Business

Small to Medium Business POS Software, POS Terminals, Mobile Alerts, Email Marketing.

Interactive Printer Solutions

Interactive Printer Solutions by Region

Contact NCR Interactive Printer Solutions in your region.