Discover how employees at more than 100,000 restaurants worldwide improve margins, manage more effectively and develop stronger customer relationships with NCR Aloha restaurant technology solutions. Our restaurant solutions streamline every aspect of operations and address every segment of the industry – from quick service to fine dining.

Restaurant POS Software

Aloha POS Software, Online Ordering, Payment Processing

Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant operators need easy, fast access to actionable information to manage costs and make smart decisions.

Consumer Engagement

Directly engage your customers with loyalty, gift card, online ordering and mobile payment solutions

Restaurant POS Hardware

POS hardware for restaurant operations, including handhelds and terminals.

Restaurant Peripherals, Speciality Devices

Customer Displays, POS Printers, POS Scanners, and more.

Restaurant Digital Signage

Digital menu boards and drive-through digital signage, order timers and order confirmation screens.